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Wasps & Hornets

We don’t need to introduce the wasp as they are known to us all!

Nests from wood or plant fibres which they then chew and mix with their saliva.

They sting people more in the late summer and early autumn months, when they stop breeding new workers and search for sugary food and drinks which is when they mostly come into contact with humans.

Hornets fall under the same order as wasps but are larger and therefore have larger nests but lower numbers, usually between 200 to 400 per nest. Hornet stings can be more painful but hornets themselves will only sting when provoked.

If you see a golf ball size nest in your roof space it is the beginning of a new colony. The nests in summer can grow to accommodate between 3000 and 5000 wasps!

Don't run the risk of being seriously stung by trying to remove a wasps nest yourself. Always refer to a professional who knows how the wasps behave and react to ensure a safe removal.

Contact us to discuss a treatment to suit the situation and we can also remove the actual nest and clean up after.