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Rabbit control is mainly a concern for Farmers as they can eat their way
through an extraordinary amount of crops causing a great loss to this important industry.


However, they have also been seen to damage lawns, vegetable gardens, plants and most things green.

Forestry also suffers as they eat the tops off of small tree shoots.

They mainly make their warrens below hedgerow lines.

Rabbits are not native to Great Britain, they were brought here either by the Romans or the Normans after the conquest. They were a part of the staple diet of the poor during the early generations.

Wild rabbits fall under a unique position in the law as they are classed as both ground game and vermin. As the laws vary for different parts of the UK, it is easy to act illegally if not familiar with the law in your area.

We use a few different methods to control the numbers of wild rabbits on your property and they are tailored to suit the situation. Contact Us to arrange a survey so that we can discuss the way forward.