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Moles are very mysterious animals as they live a subterranean life and are very rarely seen above ground.

They can, however, cause severe damage to domestic lawns, sports fields (including golf courses), agricultural fields and equestrian areas.

Soil from the “molehills” can foul silage and hay after being cut. There is also the damage to the blades of the grass cutting implement from stones brought to the surface in the molehills.

Moles can also transmit diseases, either themselves or from the parasites they carry.

Don't be tempted to follow the advice of non-professional molecatchers, particularly information found online which may be ineffective, dangerous, or illegal. Electronic mole repellers have also proven to be highly ineffective.

Many DIY methods have been tried by others over the years, such as pouring diesel/petrol down the tunnels and using car exhaust to gas the mole out. Not only are these methods very inhumane and dangerous, but they are highly illegal and carry heavy fines.

We only use the traditional methods of mole-trapping as they are very humane and quick. We are a proud member of the British Mole Catchers Register and are fully insured. Contact Us to discuss the best solution to your mole problem.

Recent Testimonials

“I’ve had a mole problem for a couple of years now on my lawn. I called Sussex Rural Services after seeing their name on the British Mole Catchers Register website. Mel came out later that day and got to work straight away. He put my mind at ease and said he will return the next day to remove the dispatched Moles. He is very knowledgeable in his profession and would highly recommend to others. A big five star rating.”

“Suffering with a mole issue I contacted Sussex Rural Services, who provided an excellent service. I was very impressed with the prompt and professional manner in how the problem was dealt with and would highly recommend this company to anyone needing pest and vermin control.”

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